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Performance cannot be built upon dysfunctional movement

The Bicycle Fit Lab can help make your cycling more enjoyable, improve efficiency and reduce your chances of cycling related injuries.  We work 1-on-1 with all types of cyclists, whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned professional.

Performance Through Comfort

Many believe that there is an inherent level of discomfort while riding a bicycle.  Riding your bike is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, unfortunately many riders struggle with injuries or choose to suffer in discomfort.

Are you experiencing any of these issues while riding?

Our Services

Biomechanical Bicycle Fit

If your current bike just isn't doing it for you, come in for a full assessment including interview, bike fit, assessment and follow-up.

New Bike Purchase Experience

If you're in the market for a new bike, we'll do an assessment of your current bike, make recommendations, and conduct a full bike fit on your new bike!

Baseline Bicycle Fit Setup

A quick assessment to help address a specific issue you're having with your current bike.


What People Are Saying
About Us

I started cycling in the 1980s. Over that time I have ridden many different bikes from road to track to mountain bikes. Each bike fits slightly differently. Bike geometry has changed slightly over time not to mention my body has also changed I am a bit less flexible than days gone by. With new bikes and a less flexible body I needed to adjust the position of all of my bikes. Kyle has helped me regain the comfort on my bikes. Kyle completed a full physical assessment to determine my flexibility issues; once completed it was time to get on the bike to apply the physical assessment to how best set up my bike. Since the bike fittings, I have more power where and when I need it, less pain and increased comfort. I highly recommend Kyle to anyone interested in cycling whether it is recreational or competitive purposes.
Shelly C.
Kyle has worked miracles to allow me to continue to ride my bike in comfort while I await my two new hips.
Stephen R.
Over the years Kyle has helped fine tune my evolving bike fit. Kyle's approach evaluates not only the position on the bike, but mobility and flexibility issues that may be present. His attention to detail is thorough whether it's a complete fitting or just a touch up. Kyle makes the process comfortable and does not make you feel like you have to settle with a specific setting. I will continue to visit Kyle in the future as my fit changes or for any equipment replacement.
Adam T.

A proper assessment is crucial to obtaining the right fit.

“A proper Bicycle Fit is a very detailed process that takes into account the rider’s desired goals, and ambitions as well as a detailed assessment of the rider’s body as it naturally is.”  


If the fitter does not know what the body is capable of doing or not doing, disasters can occur.  If weaknesses are ignored for the sake of the right “Look”, peak performance will not be obtained.  

Only when the detailed assessment is carried out precisely and referred to throughout the Fit process can an accurate and supportive position be obtained.   

In order to reach this desired position an appointment can last 1.5 – 3hrs and sometimes need follow-up support after the original fit. This process will allow each rider to fulfill their goals in comfort and decrease their chance of injury.